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Scintilla Atletica

My clothing line was inspired by the spin classes I teach. 



That inspiration was created by each and every person that has passionately danced with me through every pedal stroke. The bike chain with the heart is the symbol of that passion.



The Goal in every one of my classes is to remove the soul from the body and cleanse it to its original purity; and then like a dance, our bodies enter a trance and move to the music.  There is a peace and tranquility that comes with this dance, its not just movement of the body but a cleansing of the soul, a heightening of spirituality and an elevation of the mind.  However, something changes as you walk in and close the door. You clip into the bike and prepare for the journey, in a dark candle lit room where the walls are the only thing that can hear your dreams and capture your inner fears.  The competition becomes a passion that pushes your body only to succeed, and then it is just you against yourself.